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Our funny english knowledge

English humor, a tiny gap of our communication

Kulinkikken: -Do you need a cover for your bed?
Luca: -No, I have pasta, it will be enough!

Kulinkikken: -What will you buy?
Nilay: -Bye-bye!

Kulinkikken on the frozen lake: -Be careful, there are many sharps under us!
Kristynka: -I know! But they are sharks!

Kulinkikken: -....squirrel!
Neza: -You saw it? Awesome!
Kulinkikken: -Neza, it was dead...
Neza: -Ou! :(

Kulinkikken: -I do not really meet often with my boyfriend's parents. They leave so far from us.
Anthony: -Oh. Really? It is terrible! Then when did you see last time your boyfriend?

Kulinkikken: -I have to study how to bake a cake!
Nilay: -Oh! You have an exam?

Kulinkikken in the kitchen: "First, you have to frighten the onion and then circle..."

Kulinkikken to Anthony: -How was Stockholm?
Anthony: -How did you know that? (Anthony heard Stockman, what is a shop in Oulu. He just came from there.)

Kulinkikken: -Let's try to collect words, those are in Hungarian and in Turkish the same!
Zeynep: -Kivi...
Kulinkikken: -Kivi?! It's international, please...

Kulinkikken: "This board game is really quick! If you have enough time..."

Kulinkikken: -I can't wait!
Nilay: -Me neither!

Yota is typing: "I am Yota." Kulinkikken don't know the guy called Yota, and she thought he is writing: "I am Yoda."

Thomas in the noisy pub: -I came to Oulu, because...
Kulinkikken: -Yeees, because of free parking!!

Prya on the frozen lake: -Are you sure, it is thick enough?
Kulinkikken: -Yees! It is thin enough! Do not worry!

Neza: -I have a helmet for safe biking.
Kulinkikken: -I have a Hamlet! To bike or not to bike?!

-Woow!! English humor still exist!!
-I tried to use English as simple as I can, and I realised it influences my other activities too. Do it simple! :)
-Fortunately (or not), finally I understand the lyrics of the English songs.
One example:
-Ha-ha-ha!! :D :D :D

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